Brandi Carlile at The Melting Point in Athens, GA…

Lookin’ Up at the Sky and Lovin’ Life. Polly Nance. iPhone photograph. 2012.

Have you ever been to see one of your most favorite musicians perform at venue, which only holds 600 people, and managed to locate yourself on the second row? The second row inside a theater that, no matter where you are standing, you are at most fifty-three feet away from your beloved artist performing on stage? In addition, your one true love (besides music) is photography, but cameras are not allowed at the venue…

I was there. On the second row. A little to the right of Brandi Carlile and right smack in front of Phil Hanserof. I was star struck… and I was also without my beloved Canon 7D. One of my dreams is to photograph concerts and musicians; to create portraits and album art. Tis a far-reach probably, but a dream none the less. I envy those with press passes that get to sit in the best seats and photograph great musicians with incredible talents.

Brandi Carlile performed alongside her Hanserof-twin-bandmates as an acoustic trio at The Melting Point in Athens, Georgia this past Saturday night. And, although I carried my Cannon 7D to Athens, I knew there would probably be no way I could get away with bringing it into the show. It is not an easy camera to hide. I did, however, plan on taking photographs with my iPhone because it is hard for me, a photographer, to sit back and watch people who are inspirations to me… and not take photographs. Music inspires me to create. And oh, how I yearned to create while at this show. The most annoying part of my experience, however, was when I looked over before the opening act and saw a group of girls passing around a DSLR camera… and taking pictures. Apparently, no purses were checked for cameras. If only I had lugged my camera along with me in my purse… but, I couldn’t take that chance. I did not want my camera to be confiscated.

I settled for my iPhone and began shooting; slightly perturbed because I knew what my photographs were going to turn out like; not to mention, this could have been a great opportunity to snap some great photographs and get a little more noticed. Oh, well. I did my best and I had an absolute blast. Brandi Carlile and the twins played an incredible show that was full of life, personality and a exorbitant amount of energy. They even covered Patsy Cline’s Crazy.

I’ve seen them perform four times now. The first time I saw them was at The Handlebar in Greenville, SC, which was also a very intimate venue. However, this past Saturday was the greatest Brandi experience of my life. I’ll never forget it. (I’ll also never forget this moment because this was where I was when I found out that Whitney Houston died. A guy happened to check his twitter and saw there were four tweets about her death. Surreal.) And, although I’m saddened by how some of my photographs turned out, I still had to post them. 🙂

Anyways, here’s to Brandi Carlile and the Hanserof twins… good people with great souls and a lot of talent. A band of artists who write their own music, real music, directly from their hearts. A band that plays with their soul and connects with their audience. Brandi mentioned she missed the twins, while on the road, so much that she asked them to play a couple of bars with her (Brandi has been on a solo tour recently… saw her in Atlanta this past November). Bars were how they got started; how their music was first heard. I love the fact that they desire return to their roots and perform in front of an intimate crowd every now and then; as opposed to large venues, where there is a greater distance between performer and audience. Anyways, if you have never listened to Brandi Carlile, you should probably go check her out right about now. Folksy-rock music. They can play a mean Johnny Cash cover. Love her. And the twins. 🙂

Mama Hoyt and I, Polly HOYT Nance Ate at the HOYT House Before the Show. Polly Nance. Instagram photograph. 2012.

All You Need is One Mic… One Mic. Polly Nance. iPhone photograph. 2012.

EMILY Kopp, the Opening Act of Brandi Carlile. Polly Nance. iPhone photograph. 2012.

Phil Hanseroth is the Coolest Name Ever and He’s a TWIN. Polly Nance. iPhone photograph. 2012.

Brandi Carlile a Singin’ and Some Twins Gettin’ Down with Their Guitars. Polly Nance. iPhone photograph. 2012.

The Tappin’ Feet of Brandi Carlile. Polly Nance. iPhone photograph. 2012.

Brandi Sings with Her Soul. Polly Nance. iPhone photograph. 2012.

A Breakin’ Guitar Strings Type of Jammin’. Polly Nance. iPhone photograph. 2012.

An Overly-Exposed and Enhanced Brandi Glance. Polly Nance. iPhone photograph. 2012.

Brandi as a Pixelated iPhone Image. Polly Nance. iPhone photograph. 2012.

Smiling at the Intimate Audience. Polly Nance. iPhone photograph. 2012.

Brandi and the Twins; Acoustic Trio. Polly Nance. iPhone photograph. 2012.

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