Impressions of a Lone, Wet Purple Wildflower

Here’s to SPRING!

…Or Summer or whatever season this wacky weather fits into. Presently, it is 80 degrees outside. This little purple wildflower (below) was the first to bloom in my backyard. I am a sucker for wildflowers. I’d have wildflowers growing all spring and summer long if it were up to me. My dad thinks I’m crazy and rolls his eyes every time I mention this thought. They may be weeds to some, but wildflowers are glorious treasures to mine eyes! I purposefully chose not to include titles with these photographs. I did not want your eye to wander and, therefore, distract you from adequately viewing this incredible purple specimen. There is power in the details… 

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16 thoughts on “Impressions of a Lone, Wet Purple Wildflower

  1. “Weeds” are in the eyes of the beholder. In a gardening class I once took, the professor defined weeds as “whatever you don’t want in your garden.” I, too, love wildflowers and am hesitant to call anything so beautiful a weed.

    • I’m so glad you agree! My dad likes everything neat and tidy (he’s my gardener) 🙂 but, a field of wildflowers is the most beautiful sight in the world. I’m going to tell my dad what you said because it is well worded… he’ll get a kick out of it. Thank you so much for commenting 🙂

  2. Hi,
    Maybe you can ask your father for a private patch where you can keep whatever you want? It’s always a surprise (some good, some bad) when I let unidentified plant grow on until they flower.

  3. Love the beautiful lavender wild flowers. While I live in Florida, I used to live in Central New York and always looked forward to those first buds poking their heads out from the snow. This is a excellent promise of Spring.

    • Thanks! Haha that photo just happened… I didn’t realize the bug was there until after I looked at the photo! Tiny bug and tiny flower! Just blown up macro style. Thank you do much for commenting 🙂

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