A Hap, Happy Birthday Celebration at the Auto Show…

…for my FOUR year old…


Since I am currently preparing for my son’s four year old birthday party (which is tonight), I am going to keep this short and sweet. I am nostalgically leaving you with a few photos of my son from his previous birthdays… in order to prove to you how much he has grown! I can’t believe it!Ā Time flies… Cliche yes, but it’s the absolute truth. I cherish my own childhood, but I cherish my kids’ childhood even more. Man, it is great to be a kid!

Rush on his previous birthdays:

Fresh Out of the Oven šŸ˜‰

First Birthday.

Second Birthday.

Third Birthday.

Highlights from the Auto Show yesterday (don’t worry, there will be a post dedicated to the awesome vehicles we loved later this week):

An Isolated Moment of Rush and His New Toy Helicopter (a present from the auto show).Ā 

A Lennon and Some Airplane Eyes at the Auto Show.

Lennon Viewing an Incredible Work of Art… a Mural Painted Car.

Rush Watching the Wheels Go Round and Round…

Rush Found Some White Carpet, Which He Claimed Was Snow, and Began Referring to Himself as a Baby Snow Bear.

A Graceful Attempt to Open a Leaf Car Door.Ā 

Rush Pretend Spray-Painting a VW Car.

Reflecting Lennon Viewing an Automobile.

A Rare and Peaceful Moment with the Nance Family.

The Scale of the Vehicle.

Flying a Plane.

A Zen Baby Snow Bear Auto Show Moment.

A Tiny Hand on My Dream Car.

Pretty Lennon Decided She Wanted Sit and Play with Her Airplane.

Auto Show Birthday Present Display.

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