The Levitating Disc Golfers Series

The photographs below are primarily (minus two) from the disc golf tournament my husband played in this past week; thus, the reason for my lack of blog posts and lack of comment replies this past week (so sorry!). Anyways, I am no pro at action shots but, the shots I’m drawn to most on the disc golf course (if you don’t know what the sport is… google it! Fun stuff) are the ones that end up looking like the players are levitating. And so, instead of posting a tremendous amount of photos to thumb through, I thought I’d take the opportunity to create a unique series. How many artists out there follow disc golf anyways? Right? Ha, but seriously, I love the sport of disc golf. This loves goes way beyond photography, too. However, I am uber stoked to be able carry my camera around at these tournaments and attempt to capture the true spirit of the sport. These levitating shots are interesting… Just one moment caught of a quick motion; aka the “jump putt.” They intrigue me because I do not know how these golfers get their discs to do what they want them to do. Believe me, I’ve tried. It’s all a science, but it doesn’t compare to being able to execute skills during an A-tier tournament. FYI, the tournament took place in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Honestly, I wasn’t impressed with the way the tournament was run… I am no connoisseur of how to run disc golf tournaments, but I’ve been to plenty. There was no water on the course for the players; and they played four different courses. Two of which they played on the same day. Disappointing. Just felt like a money making machine, to be honest. Gotta keep it real. My husband will not be returning. Most tournaments treat the players well. It was the Amateur Championships at Bowling Green, after all. My husband didn’t shoot that well. He has just moved up in divisions… However, he’s headed to the World Championships this summer! Yuh-Yayuh! I’m proud of him for continuing, though, because this sport is a mental game more than anything. I hope you guys will enjoy this series I’ve created out of my experience at disc golf tournaments. If you’d like to see more (non-leviating) photographs from the tournament, feel free to check out my facebook page. Thanks for readin’!!

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