Rockin’ theTie-Dyed Rock Formations…


Who doesn’t love tie-dye? However, this tie-dye is not meant to be just decorative. There is meaning within vibrance beyond its visual, aesthetic pleasure. About two weeks ago, I took photos of the glorious and magnificent rock formations I observed all over the Hobson Grove disc golf course in Bowling Green, Kentucky. My husband was practicing, but I was seriously distracted. Seriously. I was enamored with the beautiful golden hour sunlight that was casting a spiritual glow upon every single thing it illuminated. For those of you who know little about disc golf, it began as a grassroots sport. It has since become more popularized but, it will forever be associated with anything 70’s (it originated in the 1970s). Anyways, tie-dye is an essential component to disc golf. Not really, but tie-dye appears to be everywhere in the disc golf world. There are tie-dyed discs and tie-dyed disc golf minis and tie-dyed disc golf t-shirts. Thus, the entrancing sunlight compelled me to see these rocks in this “light,” if you will; as rock formations filtered with natural, imperfect imprints of tie-dyed patterns. This isn’t my first attempt at a tie-dyed series (and it, clichely, probably won’t be my last). If you’d like to add more tie-dye and color to your life, click HERE and HERE and HERE. I created the patterns by painting in Photoshop. My painterly skills have a found a new place in the world of fine art photography. Who knew I could digitally paint? LOL. I have no clue why I haven’t experimented with this before. Below, are two images of a series I plan to post about throughout the next week or so. Enjoy and thanks for readin’!

Tie-Dyed Ripples upon Bowling Green, Kentucky Rock Formations. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 2012.

Rainbow Tide-Dyed Bowling Green Rock Formations. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 2012.

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