Tie-Dyed Blowing Green Rock Formation No. 3: The Series Continues…

And the TieDyed Rock Formations series continues

This is a continuation of a series I began earlier this week (READ MORE IN MY PREVIOUS POST). The background is another rock formation image I took at the Amateur Championships at Bowling Green, Kentucky; out on the Hobson Grove Disc Golf Course. I converted it to black and white in order to make the tie-dye colors more vivid and less distracting upon the rocky forms. I attempted to use color, but I found the result extremely busy and chaotic. Anyways, I used Photoshop to paint a tie-dyed pattern in multiple layers. This took hours and hours because I am such a perfectionist, but I wanted the tie-dye print to look natural. I have taken less time in the past, rendering less detail, but the patterns looked stiff and artificial (and not really like tie-dye). Anyways, I see improvement in my digital painting skills. I felt like a kid painting with sidewalk chalk. Please enjoy this quirky colorful image and, don’t worry, you have additional tie-dyed rock formations to look forward over this upcoming week…


Tie-Dyed Bowling Green Rock Formation No.3. Polly Nance. Photoshop digital photograph. 2012.

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