Monochromatic Frames of Light and Form

I have found a new love… a box. A BOX, you say?! Yes. A box. But, not just any ordinary box. Well, it’s ordinary, so I take that back. Its contents, however, are like gold to me. I signed up with Nature’s Garden Delivered to have a small box, filled with fresh organic fruits, veggies and potatoes, delivered to me every week. I am mother to a two and four year old afterall… this box saves me a couple trips to the grocery store per week! Plus, I can add items too if I wish (milk, eggs, etc.). All of the contents come from either a local (Atlanta area) farm or from one of the many farms in Georgia. That. to me. is. AMAZING! So, in addition to saving me a few trips to the store, I actually know where my food is coming from. Isn’t it sad that the world has come to this… I’m excited about knowing where my food comes from. Anyways, this box forces me to cook at home (and try new recipes,etc.) because I have to use what’s there. I have found myself saving more money than I would if I went to the grocery store, where I buy a bunch of frozen crap that might not even ever get eaten. I might have to start buying a bigger box though because we go through it all in about two days. My kids go nuts for the fruit!

The point of all this is I started putting out a fruit bowl in my kitchen… Reminds me of my grandparents’ home growing up because they ALWAYS had tons of fruit lying around in a bowl. The other day, I walked by that fruit bowl and couldn’t stop staring at it. I was drawn to the way the light shining upon the forms. It reminded me of the one painting class I took (8 years ago) because we studied still lifes in order to learn how to paint with oils. I remember being so confused at first, but then I began to figure out how the light was hitting the fruit. Light and shadow were creating the fruit’s depth. I studied the different tones that were created as a result of how the light source was striking the subject. Back to the point, though… this bowl of fruit reminded me of how much I enjoyed that challenge… it’s still a challenge… to make fruit look like fruit with oil paints. Perhaps that’s why I’ve moved on to photography. 😉 Anyways, I was drawn to the way the light creating beautiful highlights upon the forms in the bowl. I chose to study this bowl like I would have painted a still life. I wanted to get down deep into the core of these simple subjects in order to learn. Black and white seemed appropriate since it forces one to look beyond the distracting colors.


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15 thoughts on “Monochromatic Frames of Light and Form

  1. Oh wow, I love these black and whites! Such simplicity…it’s amazing what you notice once the color is taken away. I absolutely love the texture of the picture of the orange. And that first picture of the apple? Fantastic! I love how it’s almost abstract.

  2. The close-up of the apple (Gala?) and the marching rows of eggs— totally wouldn’t’ve noticed these striking details if they’d been in color. Great choice!

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