An Artsy Blender of Photographs

Twas a Fleeting Moment. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 2012.

I have a new iPhone app addiction… it’s called Blender. Basically, it is a mini-version of what you can accomplish in Photoshop. I love this app because I can build upon experiments I’ve already performed before in Photoshop (some of which have been posted in this blog). Blender allows you to blend two images together into a singular composition. You can alter the opacity and pick the blending style. And then flatten to add more to your compositions. I’ve been able to create double exposures and also collage works. This process takes much less time than my previous experiments in Photoshop because it is so focused, which I’ve learned is a  fantastic way to get the wheels turnin.’ And, afterwards, I can always go back into Photoshop and create final and more fine-tunely edited versions if I wish. I downloaded this app right after my cousin’s wedding and, since the wedding was basically a fairytale dream wedding, it inspired some creative art works. I love when this happens. These images below are composites of my cousin’s wedding as well as compiled snippets of imagery I’ve taken over the past month or so. I try to be free whenever I create because I know if I stop and think too much I will over-think and, therefore, overcomplicate. This app took a little getting used to, but I’ve gotten better and more explorative with every creation I’ve rendered. The individual works are all so different, which made it more difficult to find a connecting thread. However, I’m turning 30 this year which has made ponder a lot about life. Life and death that is. My childhood has suddenly vanished and I’m now in the process of creating two childhoods for my two beautiful children. Life is crazy. 365 days a year seems like a whole lot of days and, yet, they go by way too quickly. Three out of four of my grandparents have passed. Three out of my 8 cousins have married. One of them has babies. I’m an aunt with four nieces and two nephews. My, how my life has changed. I’ve become a grown-up. Sigh. But, I’m grateful for every moment I’ve been given. I wanted to create a fleeting sense of time with each of these compositions. Frozen… but passing moments in time I wished to preserve. Moments where I’ve simply wondered how my son and husband would compare if I compared their facial features. To help solve the argument over which genetic traits come from what parent; The classic conversation every parent has after having a baby with every single person they ever encounter. I remember my childhood so vividly and the memories come flooding back as I watch my kids. Like last night when my kids went to eat ice-cream with their one year old baby cousin. Anyways, here are the constantly evolving and changing collages that I’ve been working on recently…. I do hope you will enjoy!

Happy Monday Folks!

Starlight Drive-in by Day and Night. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 2012.

Imagining the Moon During the Daytime. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 2012.

Pausing to Reflect the Mother and Father of the Bride. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 2012.

Eating Ice-cream with Cousins. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 2012.

Comparing Genes Between Father and Son. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 2012.

Going to the Chapel... Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 2012.

Sunset Eggs. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 2012.

Driving by Tennessee Land and Water. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 2012.

Childhoods. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 2012.

Comparing Genes Between Father and Daughter. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 2012.

Memories of the Beautiful Bride on her Special Day. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 2012.

Looking Out a Window with Adeline and Lennon. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 2012.

Life in a Frame. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 2012.

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7 thoughts on “An Artsy Blender of Photographs

  1. Polly, your “blended” photographs are lovely. There is an ethereal quality that results–soft tones and layering of angles and lines. Friends keep pushing me to get an iPhone; it’s abilities (in such a small package) are truly mesmerizing. My resistance is slowly fading. Keep it up, Sally

  2. Your “crazy blender” is working quite fine – if I do say so myself. Some really wonderful images here. Wow. Would like to click the “like” button more than once.

  3. Polly, I like these pictures a lot! My favourite has to be “Childhoods”, which I think absolutely exquisite and wonderful! >>> one of your very best photos in my view! Adrian

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