A Tale to Stop a Gaze…

A Tale to Stop a Gaze. Polly Nance. Photoshop digital photograph. 2012.

This photograph is a story of two moments where my children (at two different times) decided they’d rather be naked. One such moment was when I found my son (at two years old) laying half naked on the bed after wetting his pull-up one night. This moment was humorous to my husband and I… he didn’t replace the old diaper for a new, but at least he knew he shouldn’t be wearing the wet diaper! He has since been potty trained, but it was definitely a struggle! And another such moment was when I was producing portraits of Lennon for my art history course. My daughter refused to wear a diaper (she was beginning to develop that mind of her own… transitioning from a baby into a toddler) and pranced around playing dress-up; unaware to the fact that the civilized wear clothes. HA. Anyways, I witnessed an intimate moment where she stuck her hand through her play-house’s doorway and told me to stop. It was a tender and oblivious moment where a one year old desired to play freely (without a camera chasing her around). I compiled these images into one double exposure composition. My son’s photograph was toned in blue, while the other was toned in pink… together they make a purplish tint. I love how innocent and unaware my children were in these days of their lives… and purple blurs that line and attempts to break down any barriers between genders. They are who they are. And at this moment, they are neither boy nor girl, but merely Rush and Lennon.


I am an Instagram finatic… I find it to be a useful tool to get my creativity flowing. Plus, meet cool and creative people. Last night, cnnireport made a comment on a photo of mine and encouraged me to upload it to their website for an assignment called; “Evenings in America.” Basically, my photograph has a chance to be featured on CNN’s sister network HLN as a part of this story. I created this photograph on accident as it is overexposed, but ended up loving the effect for I thought it spoke the exact emotions I was feeling at that moment. Read my photoessay and recommend my photograph to be featured HERE! Kinda cool! 

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7 thoughts on “A Tale to Stop a Gaze…

  1. Polly, the photo that you uploaded to Instagram is a story unto itself. I do believe that its power–each of us can decide on the narrative, which makes for a strong photograph. Well done, Sally

    • Thank you Sally! I appreciate your kind words and feedback… I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the Instagram photo… so cool how things happen by accident! You are so right… each of us does have the power to decide on the narrative. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  2. This is so cool! I definitely wish you luck!! Getting “the shot” is NOT always about nailing the basics, it is about what an image says to you. I just shared a story on FB about a Pulizer Prize winning image – the shot wasn’t “perfect”, but MAN, was it powerful!!

    I love how you choose two images to blend together, you obviously put a lot of thought into it, and these two at the top work so well as a composite!!

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