A Tale of Two Misting Moments…

A Tale of Two Misting Moments. Polly Nance. Photoshop digital photograph. 2012.

Just as the title of this post declares… these are two photographs of moments involving mist. One photograph is of my son at High Falls State Park in Georgia. The amusing part about this photograph is that he wanted to stand behind the fence, despite the fact I told him there was a sign saying that was prohibited. I let him do so only for a minute, while I quickly snapped the photograph of him in front of the magnificent waterfall. I knew he’d be safe, so I promise I’m not a totally bad mother. πŸ˜‰ The other photograph is of my daughter standing on top of a misting fountain in the middle of Decatur Square. That mist comes in handy on the hot and humid summer days we have here in Atlanta. These two photographs seemed like a likely pair and I ended up loving the result of this double-exposure composition. I don’t know about you guys, but I loved how my daughter Lennon’s form disappears from the shoulders down; revealing a soft translucent silhouette against the solid landscape. I experimented with many types of blending, but decided that this one made a greater statement. Again, I toned the photograph of my son in the lightest of blues and the photograph of my daughter in the lightest of pink. A deep purple was added to the bottom in order to anchor the two compositions and merge them together. The link is there because, although Rush is aware of gender at this point in his life, his spirit is (for the most part) genderless. My daughter is dressed in a girly outfit but would be just as satisfied wearing her brother’s clothes. He is her everything and wants to be just like him. I hope enjoy this doubly-exposed composition and stay tuned this week for more to come in this series…

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