Calling All iphone Users! Join Us In an Iphonography Challenge!

This week’s theme: NATURE!


Awhile ago, I was approached by a fellow blogger, Sally (, about launching an iphonography challenge! I was thrilled at the idea because I thought it would be a fabulous way to showcase what I’ve been doing with my iPhone and connect with other iphone users. I love the idea of this being a challenge because it allows iphone users to push themselves creatively each week. Gracie (, Sally and I are sponsoring these challenges, so you can check out each of our blogs every Monday for the weekly theme… and, for inspiration. At the end of this post, I have attached a copy of Sally’s explanation for how this challenge will work. For now, however, I would like to introduce a few iphone applications I use in order to spark further enthusiasm and interest in these challenges.

If I don’t have my digital SLR camera on hand, I’m always glad to have my iphone nearby. It may not produce as precise and crisp images as my SLR does, but I find myself more willing to experiment creatively. I’ve had an iphone for three years now and, over those years, I’ve discovered various applications for editing that I’ve fallen in love with. This is partly due to the fact that I’m an obsessive Instagramer. Instargram is not only a social media network tool for iphone users and photographers of all levels, but it is also a way for one to see their image through an entirely different perspective. This is because one has the choice of running their iphone images through the various vintage filters provided. I like to play around until I find one that speaks to me. I’m always amazed by how a filter can transform an image. I sometimes look back at my original image and find it bland in comparison to the Instagram version. Not always, but sometimes. This application has also helped me form a community with other instagram photographers.

Instagram Image with filter:


In addition to Instagram, I’ve explored various applications for editing my iphone photos. I decided to try some of these out because there are those times when an image is too dark, etc. A lot of iphone users use Snapseed to edit their photos. I’ve played around this app, but I found one similar that I love more. Photo Toaster has built-in filters you can choose from but… you can either choose to utilize these or you can customize and create your own. I prefer to create my own because sometimes the filter isn’t helping my image in the way that it should. With this app, one can adjust the exposure, texture, brightness, contrast, sharpness, add a border, etc. If you like your final image, you have the option of saving it to your phone or sharing it. People can go overboard editing images, but this app is a fun way to experiment without completely ruining your image.

Image Edited with PhotoToaster:


A year ago, I wanted to find an app that allowed me to combine images into a single exposure without having to upload my photos to my computer and edit them in Photoshop. I discovered a wonderful app called Blender that allows you to choose two images from your iphone and blend them together. Just as in Photoshop, there are different blending options to choose from. One can also erase, move and scale the image on top. This app is especially addictive. I’ve created levitating photos with it as well. It is one that I don’t use every single day, but I love the creativity it pulls out of me.

Double Exposure Produced in Blender:


Another fun app to play around with is the Marble Cam app. It transforms your images into a marble and blurs the rest. It is pretty neat, but it gets old really fast because there aren’t many options… the result is a marble in the center everytime. But, I have used my marble images for ideas that I then excecute with the Blender app.

Marble Cam Image:


The last app I wish to introduce y’all to is Vintique! If you are an Instagram user and the filters are beginning to bore you, Vintique is for you. There are 30 something customizable filters for you to experiment with. You can also edit your photograph with this app, but it is not my favorite for adjusting the exposure, etc. I like exploring all the different filters, vignettes and borders it has to offer. It is set up to post directly to Instagram, but you can also save or share your image. Check it out!

Image Edited with Vintique: 


If you have an iphone, please join us and participate in these iphonography challenges!! Like I mentioned above, this week’s theme is nature but each Monday will be a different theme! Read below for more details. I hope to see all of your creative iphone nature images! Let’s have some fun!

Here’s how iPhoneography Monday: The Challenge, Using Your iPhone as Your Lens, works (from

1. Each Monday a theme will be posted. You can publish your entry at any time, preferably between Monday through Sunday of the week of the theme. Please add any information about the entry or iPhoneography (apps, editing…) on your post. The challenge is meant to inform, learn, share and build a wider iPhoneography and photography network through participation and readership.

2. To increase chances others will find your post, use “tags” such as iPhone Challenge, iPhoneography Monday, Post a Week, iPhoneography Challenge, Using the iPhone as Your Lens, Photography, Digital Photography, Inspiration, or the week’s theme. Beside tags you can use comments, Pingbacks, links, and social media to spread the word. When you leave a comment on someone else’s challenge post, provide a link back to your blog. Then others can check your entry.

3. To receive a reminder post on Monday mornings, subscribe to sponsors’ blogs at and and You can subscribe through e-mail on each of our blogs or press the Follow button on the upper left toolbar. When you post your entry, we encourage you to provide a link back to one of our blogs where the rules can be reviewed. Also on the sponsors’ sites you can view links to blogs of other participants.

4. Place the iPhoneography Monday widget on your Homepage. Here is the URL:

5. Each Monday view entries of the sponsors who will include additional information about iPhoneography: innovations in the field, apps, equipment, rising stars, printed books, e-books, tutorials, iCloud, and other resources.

6. Here is the best part. The schedule for this challenge is set, and will allow you to plan. Or not. Every month themes remain the same. We are open to additional categories for 4th and 5th weeks, which are challenger’s choice. Just contact us. Here is the schedule and themes:

1st Monday: Nature

2nd Monday: Macro

3rd Monday: Black-and-White

4th and 5th Mondays: Challenger’s Choice (Pick One: Abstraction, Architecture, Food Photography, Night Photography, Portraiture, Still Life, Street Photography, and Travel

Gracie, Polly and Sally welcome ideas or suggestions. This challenge is for personal enrichment, and is meant to encourage our most innovative self. The iPhone is a source for that purpose and much more. Think iPhone 6,7,8.

In the future there will be twists and turns such as Readers’ Choice Exhibitions or Guest iPhoneographers. Join the fun. Pick up your iPhone. Let the iPhone be your lens.

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