Dodge and Burn and Print, OH MY!

I went to my darkroom class this past Tuesday, where we learned the process for dodging and burning! I was frustrated with my print from last week because the outer edges were perfect, but my daughter’s face and body were bleached out. I wanted to fix it then, of course, but I knew I had to wait for this week’s class. Basically, I burned parts of the photo to make her face darker. This process is extremely fun… I exposed the paper first by timing it exactly as I had done the previous week. Then I exposed the paper again but, this time, I took both my hands and made a shape with my index fingers and thumbs so that everything was covered except her face and body. I had to keep my hands moving so that my hands would not be printed onto the photograph. The result was pretty cool! My daughter was no longer bleached out and the outer edges remained about the same. Parts of her face were darker than I wanted, but I tried to lighten them up and it was a muddy disaster. So, I decided to leave the print this way because I loved the contrast going on in the photo. I also loved how the composition was framed… pulled my eye directly towards her face. All in all, it was an exciting class. I’m just bummed now because I realized next Tuesday is my last class 😦



After burning...

After burning…


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5 thoughts on “Dodge and Burn and Print, OH MY!

    • Thanks! It is fun! I could take more classes or I can just enjoy renting out the darkroom. Might do that cause I’d love to just experiment now that I know a little. They do have a class on the process for glass negatives which could be really fun and interesting. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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