Iphonography challenge time!!!

It’s that time again!!! Iphonography Monday!!! Today’s challenge is our choice so, I decided to take a photo of some art my son made at school. My son is four years old (will be 5 in March) and he at the stage where he is finally drawing people!!! And apparently sculpting people lol. This is supposed to be me and my husband. I couldn’t help but share this work of art with yall today because I find it both extremely humorous and absolutely amazing. Rush has rendered me in a purple dress (my favorite color). I do not actually own a purple dress… and his teacher told me last week he always drew me wearing black; which, unlike most folks, is a color I seldom wear. So I’m glad to be blessed with a little color this time! I love what their little minds come up with lol! He is at a really fun age! An age full imagination and worlds of make-believe. I hope you enjoy this photo 🙂

Attention all iPhone users!!! Please let me know what your favorite photo apps are in the comment section! I need some new fun apps that I haven’t tried!

To see my black and white challenge post from last week (which includes details on these weekly challenges) click HERE!

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PEACE, LOVE until my next bloggy-blog post, dear fellow blog-readin’ friends. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Iphonography challenge time!!!

  1. Nice one, Polly!
    Check out PhotoViva, I just downloaded it last night. It’s an app which you can use to render your photos into “paintings”. I played with it a little last night, couldn’t get the look that I want, but I’m actually looking forward to using it more soon.

  2. Those are very sweet sculptures, Polly. Well done, Rush! What treasures.
    I have never had a cell phone (hard to believe, I know) so I can’t comment on apps; they do like like wonderfully creative tools, though!

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