Macro Iphonography Monday!!


I want to apologize for not posting yesterday! I’ve been in New York City since Thursday with my mother on a lil mother-daughter getaway! All I can say is I LOVE NEW YORK!!! Not sure if I could live there, but it’s a fabulous place to visit. It’s just such a unique place with inspiration lurking around every corner. I knew this iPhone challenge was coming up; Therefore, I took macro shots everywhere I went lol. I was first inspired at the Chelsea Market… Side note: I’ve been to NYC before but I had never even heard of this place. It was a first for my mom, too, who has visited New York more times than she’s got fingers. It’s basically a big market inside this cool industrial-like building, located in the meat-packing district. Everywhere you turn, there is something unique to look at; from the walls and even the bathroom. Coolest. Place. Ever. Anyways, as we turned this one particular corner, we came across a tunnel of lights with a giant clock in the middle. It was so unexpected that I took a macro photo of these lights… I tried to focus in on a few and hope the rest would blur. Somehow it worked like I wanted it to! The iPhone amazes me sometimes!! It’s crazy how it can capture so much detail.
The rest of these photos are macro shots of food lol. The food I ate was so good looking it needed to be photographed!! I edited all of these photos with the PhotoToaster app. Hope you enjoy these snippets of my trip! Happy Macro Monday (or more like Tuesday)!!
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