Black and White Iphonography Time Again!!

Happy Black and White Iphonography Monday!! It’s kinda refreshing to me after seeing the color green all weekend long. Here are a few black and white images I took while at the park yesterday with my kids. I’m not sure how well they turned out rendered in black and white. I might prefer the color versions. I think my black and whites are stronger when I am closer to my subject. But, I’ve seen some beautiful landscapes in monotone; mine never turn out that great though (iPhone ones I mean). Hope you enjoy these photos!!! It’s been wonderful weather here, but I hear its going to get cold again soon. Hope y’all have a lovely week!

And for more info on these challenges click HERE!!!

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9 thoughts on “Black and White Iphonography Time Again!!

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  2. I just realized that I had to re-subscribe to get your posts. I forgot about that I had to change my e-mail address when I got hacked. Anyway, Polly, I can now get your posts in my e-mail box. Love your black and whites. 🙂

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