Who Here Likes Mustaches?!!

This past weekend was my brother inlaw’s 30th birthday party… Mustache themed!!! And what an inspirational event to take possible Iphonography challenge photos at!! This week’s theme is our pick so I chose to render portraits! These photos were all edited with Instagram, and I feel as if the vintage filters add to the mustache humor and charm. I don’t know when mustaches became such a big trend, but they are absolutely hilarious!! I was skeptical of this trend until I tried on three different mustaches. Each one has its own vibe and character. Apparently, my blondish mustache was a hit because I kept being told it looked real. So, I took it off halfway through the party lol. It was a hilarious and fun evening. I hope you all enjoy these photos and I hope some of them make you bust out loud laughing!! 🙂

P.S. check out my fellow sponsors blog posts for information and inspiration:






Here’s how iPhoneography Monday: The Challenge, Using Your iPhone as Your Lens, works (from http://lensandpensbysally.wordpress.com):

1. Each Monday a theme will be posted. You can publish your entry at any time, preferably between Monday through Sunday of the week of the theme. Please add any information about the entry or iPhoneography (apps, editing…) on your post. The challenge is meant to inform, learn, share and build a wider iPhoneography and photography network through participation and readership.

2. To increase chances others will find your post, use “tags” such as iPhone Challenge, iPhoneography Monday, Post a Week, iPhoneography Challenge, Using the iPhone as Your Lens, Photography, Digital Photography, Inspiration, or the week’s theme. Beside tags you can use comments, Pingbacks, links, and social media to spread the word. When you leave a comment on someone else’s challenge post, provide a link back to your blog. Then others can check your entry.

3. To receive a reminder post on Monday mornings, subscribe to sponsors’ blogs at http://lensandpensbysally.wordpress.com and http://graciebinoya.com and http://Watchingthephotoreels.com. You can subscribe through e-mail on each of our blogs or press the Follow button on the upper left toolbar. When you post your entry, we encourage you to provide a link back to one of our blogs where the rules can be reviewed. Also on the sponsors’ sites you can view links to blogs of other participants.

4. Place the iPhoneography Monday widget on your Homepage. Here is the URL: http://imageshack.us/a/img842/7193/1screenshot20121018at11.png

5. Each Monday view entries of the sponsors who will include additional information about iPhoneography: innovations in the field, apps, equipment, rising stars, printed books, e-books, tutorials, iCloud, and other resources.

6. Here is the best part. The schedule for this challenge is set, and will allow you to plan. Or not. Every month themes remain the same. We are open to additional categories for 4th and 5th weeks, which are challenger’s choice. Just contact us. Here is the schedule and themes:

1st Monday: Nature

2nd Monday: Macro

3rd Monday: Black-and-White

4th and 5th Mondays: Challenger’s Choice (Pick One: Abstraction, Architecture, Food Photography, Night Photography, Portraiture, Still Life, Street Photography, and Travel

Gracie, Polly and Sally welcome ideas or suggestions. This challenge is for personal enrichment, and is meant to encourage our most innovative self. The iPhone is a source for that purpose and much more. Think iPhone 6,7,8.

In the future there will be twists and turns such as Readers’ Choice Exhibitions or Guest iPhoneographers. Join the fun. Pick up your iPhone. Let the iPhone be your lens.

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