A Black and White Feast :)


It’s that time again!!! Iphonography challenge time!! Yuh-yay-yuh!!!!
So, I went to an oyster house this past weekend after a wonderful day at the zoo with my kids. Welp. An almost wonderful day at the zoo. It ended with my daughter having an “accident” on the zoo playground. She’s three. And has been potty-trained for a year now. This hasn’t happened in a LONG time. I had just taken her to the bathroom about 30 minutes prior to this happening. Ha. Anyways, I shot the oyster photos with macro in mind but decided to see what happened with them in black and white. I used the PhotoToaster app to edit them. Yum! Best oysters ever!! At Fontaine’s in Atlanta if you should venture this here way lol. I thought it would also be fun to end my post on a sugary sweet note… With my son’s ringpop! Surprisingly, the photo looked better in black and white than I originally thought. I feared the essence of a ringpop, its colors, would leave the ringpop lifeless without color. But, I actually enjoyed the result. Anyways, hope you enjoy the photos! Happy Black and White Monday, Folks!!!!


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