Is It Really Monday? Thought It Was Sunday…

I apologize for posting so late in the day!! I photographed a wedding on Saturday and spent the rest of the holiday weekend at the lake with family. This week’s iphonography challenge’s theme is challenger’s choice! I’m not sure what category these photos fall into, but I think you will enjoy them just the same. They are part architecture part landscape! This past Friday the kids and I went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to see their latest exhibit… Imaginary Worlds. They built giant animals and other sculptures, which are covered in plants. However, they aren’t just covered in plants, they have intricate and organized patterns of plants upon them. It was the most magnificent exhibit I have seen at the gardens! I want to go back and take my SLR with me next time I go. I’ve been excited to share these iPhone photos with y’all! Hope you enjoy!!!







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13 thoughts on “Is It Really Monday? Thought It Was Sunday…

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  3. Wow, those are very cool ‘living sculptures’, and you have photographed them in a very interesting way. I bet your children loved the exhibit too! Nice work, Polly.

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