Phoneography Challenge!! Here’s to Nature!

This week’s theme… NATURE!!!

This past Saturday, I took my kids to a pumpkin patch so they could pick out our pumpkin for Halloween season. It was about an hour away and I wish I had taken more photos of the actual farm and pumpkin patch with my iPhone. I was busy taking photos with my DSLR and completely forgot to snag some iPhone pics. However, I did snap some photos of our prized pumpkins the family chose when we returned home.

After our little hay ride, we were dropped off at two patches. One, filled with smaller pumpkins and other interesting squashes and the second, filled with pumpkins of all sizes and shapes. It was the coolest pumpkin patch I’d ever been to! The kids picked out a medium sized pumpkin for carving and then I picked out a wacky awesome larger pumpkin for show. Best of both worlds! Except our larger pumpkin, weighed 40 pounds and was not easy to carry lol! Hope you enjoy these vibrant pops of fall colors and pumpkins!



To read more about these challenges and how they got started click HERE!

UPDATE: we are now accepting entries that are taken with a mobile phone camera… Not just iPhones!

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