Black and White Phoneography Time!

This week’s theme is black and white! Please join us in the fun (see end of this post for more details)!

I took these photos this past weekend of my kids. We had to travel to Statesboro, GA for a funeral. Despite the sad circumstances, it was wonderful to spend time with family I hadn’t seen in awhile. My favorite of these is the one of my son sleeping in my cousin Thomas’ childhood bedroom. It was decorated to look like a hunting cabin (or something like that). Wood-paneled walls with a tin ceiling. Really cool! My cousin is a big hunter so there are lots of stuffed beings and antlers on the walls. My son was so scared of the stuffed bear head that my aunt took it down lol. It was pretty scary though lol!

The other photos are of my daughter sporting her new Xmas presents from my aunt and uncle… Princess crown and jewels 🙂 She was so proud of herself for doing her own makeup lol (hard to see in B&W).

Anyways, hope you enjoy these black and white iPhone photos. Happy Phoneography Monday to y’all!!






To read more about these challenges and how they got started click HERE!

UPDATE: we are now accepting entries that are taken with a mobile phone camera… Not just iPhones!

Also, please check out my fellow sponsor’s blog for more inspiration and other entries:

Lens and Pens by Sally

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