The Lennon Eye

This week’s Phoneography Challenge’s theme:


I decided to choose portraiture for this week’s challenger’s choice Phoneography Challenge!

These two images are of my free-spirited daughter (she loves the camera… Well, most of the time! Lol). I couldn’t decide whether to keep the image in color or covert to black and white, so I rendered it both ways. Let me know which you prefer!

Thank you to all who continue to participate in these fun challenges! See more details about these challenges below the images. Please join us!!



To read more about these challenges and how they got started click HERE!

UPDATE: we are now accepting entries that are taken with a mobile phone camera… Not just iPhones!

Also, please check out my fellow sponsor’s blog for more inspiration and other entries:

Lens and Pens by Sally

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10 thoughts on “The Lennon Eye

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  3. What an imp! I love the color… the green makes it that much more humorous. Upon second look, the black and white show off her expression better. They’d be fun as a pair in a frame. Happy Phoneography Monday!

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