A Lil Patch of Green Before the Ice Returns

It’s Phoneography Challenge Monday!! And this week’s theme is…


Please join is in the fun!!!

Apparently, an ice storm is on it’s way to Atlanta. And, due to the chaos that occurred a couple of weeks ago, schools have already been cancelled for tomorrow. This probably sounds silly to most of y’all reading; But, no one can really understand the power that ice and snow has over the south, unless you’ve actually lived here in the south and experienced it first hand. Grocery stores were jam-packed earlier today! We, however, went to Target and purchased our groceries (and other goodies) in preparation. Never hurts to be safe rather than sorry!

I had so many photos I was tempted to post today, but none really spoke to me. The weather, however, did! Just a moment ago, I wondered outside to check out the sky and take the dogs out. There was definitely a chill in the air. As I waited for my dogs to finish their business (yep, that is why the dogs and I went out there after all!), I spotted a mossy green patch on my dried up, wintery southern lawn. I decided to walk over to that patch of green. Amidst the green, I discovered a magnificent tiny world of life. I bet that moss knows a cold front is a comin’ for it!

Anyways, I spotted an open seed or nut of some sort. Tiny tiny! And, this, I found my macro shot for the Phoneography challenge!! Only took me all day lol, but I was happy to find an image that spoke to me (as opposed to the ones I could have posted)!

I’m drawn to this image because of it’s bold green color in that heavily contrast to the scattered tiny bits of nature. I’m even more intoxicated by its presence not knowing its future. So beautiful and green, yet vulnerable to Mother Nature’s strength.

Let me know what you think! I hope you enjoy!! Stay warm everyone who is currently in an icy climate!!


To read more about these challenges and how they got started click HERE!

UPDATE: we are now accepting entries that are taken with a mobile phone camera… Not just iPhones!

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