Winter Snowstorm in Atlanta…

I thought I’d take a moment and write a post like I used to in the old blogging days…. Unrelated to the Phoneography Challenge 🙂

I’ve been inspired by the cold front lately (ok so maybe there is a slight connection to my recent challenge posts lol). It’s just rare that Atlanta ever sees snow! Especially, twice in one month! We don’t know what to think of this strange white stuff. And it’s mesmerizing!!

Here are some photos I took with my Canon 5D MK III. I broke out my zoom lenses (which I haven’t done in awhile actually… Been hooked on primes!). Hope you enjoy a Southern girl’s perspective and observations of snow in Southern city. 🙂









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1 thought on “Winter Snowstorm in Atlanta…

  1. It’s been a brutal winter. I know that the South is shocked by the drift of winter’s rage. Yesterday we 15 inches of snow. Then overnight it was ice, sleet and rain. It’s a mess and very cold. More to come tonight. Ugh………Everyone I know that has lived most of their lives in the Northeast has never experienced such weather as this winter has brought. Stay warm and drink lots of tea and hot chocolate.

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