Editing and Processing Objects

Photo Challenge time!

This week’s challenge is editing and processing with various apps using last week’s challenge’s theme choices.

I decided to edit recent images of objects I took with my iPhone. I used the Vintique app (a favorite of mine) to process these images. In these images, I played around with the lighting and how light highlights and shadows the form of these objects. I love how there are so many angles, etc one can choose when photographing a subject. Concentrating on objects for this challenge, forced me to think about how I’m viewing these forms; and how I wish them to be seen. Editing and processing allowed me to add dramatic mood to each composition. I hope you enjoy!!




To read more about these challenges and how they got started click HERE!

UPDATE: we are now accepting entries that are taken with a mobile phone and non-SLR cameras!!

Also, please check out my fellow sponsor’s blog for more inspiration and other entries:

Lens and Pens by Sally

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9 thoughts on “Editing and Processing Objects

    • Thank you! Was walking down the stairs and saw this sight one late afternoon. Spontaneity. Just like your in description if the creative process. Sometimes, images just appear out of no where when we least expect it. Happy photo challenge to you as well 🙂

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    • Totally! Ha I love hauntingly beautiful/interesting images. I’m definitely craving lots of light lol… It is finally starting to get warm with all that beautiful light that comes with the warmth. Thanks so much for your comment 🙂

    • Thank you! It’s a fun app! The filters it comes with are awesome (you can adjust and tweak etc), but I purchased a package of add on filters recently that I love also (not pictured here… I used the standard filters for these). Check it out! My favorite thing about the app is I can choose to make an image cropped into a square… But can leave it wide angled and true to my capture as I originally framed it to save and use for Instagram (which is only squares ha). Thanks so much for your comment!!

      • Thanks for the tips! I’m glad it gives the option to leave an image in it’s original size. I like squares but don’t want to be forced into the shape each time. 🙂

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