Campfire Builds and Tent Views

These are a few creative photographs I took while camping this past weekend.  While Michael was making the campfire, I was playing with some old bricks and stones that were lying in a heap of ash.  They just looked cool and it was if they were calling to me because they wanted to be made into something.  Michael’s sister Janet helped me build a structure with all our materials and Rush even joined in on the fun… that is, until Ricky fussed at Rush for getting ash all over himself.  Whoopsies!  Haha.  I knew we had wet wipes, thanks to Mary, so I thought it’d be ok for the kids to join in.  I’m a terrible influence ;).  Wade knocked our first structure down but I don’t blame him.  It is fun to build something and then destroy it.  I then made some other little set ups with the bricks and stones because I just found their presence amongst the ash beautiful.  It reminded me of Andy Goldsworthy…. there is a beautiful film about him and his ephemeral, earth art and you must see it.  It is a beautiful film!  Anyways, he travels to different places, becomes inspired by what he sees there, and pulls from the natural environment to make his artwork.  His artwork is meant to be only temporary as nature will eventually take it back with it.  I adore his work.  I mention him because I’ve always wanted to create some sort of environmental piece like him, while putting my own spin on what he does.  That was where my head went when I saw the pile of broken bricks and stones.  I didn’t have much time and knew that either Wade or Rush would eventually knock it down, but I tried nonetheless to get my thoughts flowing.  It was good practice… next time I get inspired like this, it’ll be more thoughtful. 🙂

The next set of photographs are views from inside our GIANT tent.  It was hard for me to fall asleep that night because earlier we had an incident where these two big birds were making all these loud noises and kept swooping down near us before they flew back up to the trees.  We thought maybe one of them was injured.  My imagination was going nuts and I immediately began thinking of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.  Haha, but it was very strange!  They flew close to Ricky’s face at one point.  We headed to bed after freaking out the boys, who suddenly wished to go home.  As I lay in our tent, I couldn’t help but stare at the view above.  When I woke up the next morning, the sun was rising and the view was even more beautiful so I snapped a few photographs.  I love photographing through fabric and wire, etc. so I jumped at the opportunity to photograph this view.  Studying Man Ray has inspired me to do so.  Ricky says that I’m working with “constraints” like his awesome art professor practices in his own art.  I guess that’s what I’m doing, but I thought these photographs were cool and wanted to post them.  Hope you enjoyed our camping trip photographs!

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