Water and Fabric

These are photographs taken from Nancy’s lake house at Lake Oconee.  I wanted to post these because I’m very interested in reflections and photographing fabric.  I have fabric memories from childhood… Yes, your heard me correct.  I have a thing about remembering fabrics.  I even remember when my brother was born because I have a vivid memory of my mother’s nightgown… she wore her own because he was born via emergency c-section.  I also remember the fabrics of my first home so very very vividly.  I even remember my neighbors, the Yopps, and what their blankies looked like because they were made from cut up pieces of their mom’s nightgowns.  Anyways, I don’t really know the significance of all that.  Maybe I’m just a freak who likes fabric.  But, here are some random photographs of pool water and Nancy’s and her fabric curtain that thrilled me.  I loved the fabric because the sunlight was glowing through it and highlighting its best features. Ha.  Ok I’m done for today.

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