The Pool Monsters…. Are Sucking the Color Out of the Water!!!!

Color-Sucking Pool Monsters. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 2012.

Hidden beneath the depths of the pool waters, there lies two beastly monsters…

With powers SO dark…

Powers which enable them to strip the waters of their colors.

They leave behind them a gloomy and monochromatic world

as color feeds their strength.

These monsters are deadly,

yet easy to spot.

Their eyes entrancingly glow in brilliant tones;

for their eyes possess the colors they obtained.


One-Eyed Color Replacing Pool Monsters. Polly Nance. Digital photograph. 2012

Nature must maintain its balance.

And so,

As the color-sucking beasts leave behind their waste…

The one-eyed pool monsters clean up the misery and emptiness

as they bask in the restored vibrance.


their colors are SO aesthetically distracting…

That they can entrance the human swimmers

if eye contact is made.

A glamor so potent and powerful;

Their gaze is paralyzing.

No hunter can hunt them.

They enrich and then depart.

Restoring balance for a brief moment…

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