Hawaii, the Big Island, in Black and White Film Shots

Here are some photos I shot on my belated honeymoon (6 years later lol). These are black and white film shots of the big island (Hawaii). I chose to render black and white photos whenever I was in an area where I saw great contrast… Or ruins that were significant to Hawaii’s history. These were all taken with my Canon AE-1film camera (circa 1970s). The “big island” is full of volcanic rock, desolate areas contrasted with lush areas, erupting volcanoes, mountains and sea turtles. I’ve got color photographs to follow this post! Hope you enjoy! If you have any questions or comments, please share!


IMG_0002-16IMG_0002-18IMG_0002-19IMG_0003-20IMG_0004-16IMG_0006-15IMG_0007-2IMG_0007-18IMG_0007-20IMG_0007IMG_0008-17IMG_0009-15IMG_0010-14IMG_0010-16IMG_0010-18IMG_0011-12IMG_0011-15IMGThank you for taking the time to visit and view my blog!

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PEACE, LOVE until my next bloggy-blog post, dear fellow blog readin’ friends!

14 thoughts on “Hawaii, the Big Island, in Black and White Film Shots

      • No, I have given up film completely. I don’t own a film camera, and the film is not available here in San Angelo, except by special order. But I admire that you do.

      • You can buy it on Amazon Bob! Film is surprisingly still everywhere. People get their film developed at Walgreens and Cvs these days too. But I don’t trust drug stores

      • Hmmm…. I didn’t know film was so readily available. I just assumed…… But since I am all digital, I guess I really haven’t been paying attention. I agree with you, though, I don’t trust drug stores at all. The last time I took a roll of film to Walgreens many years ago, the clerk didn’t know from looking at the box, whether it was color or B&W.

      • You can always send it off to mpix.com (just request a mailer) and they do a good job. I develop the negatives and then scan them with my photo scanner. I, however, have found a local camera store that develops it for me… I’ve even taken a darkroom class there 🙂

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  2. Well done Polly…super series! We still have our AE-1 and two Minolta x-570’s. I think you have inspired me to pull them out of their camera bags. Now where to buy film and have it processed…

    • Amazon sells film! If you can’t find anywhere near you to process, you can request mailers and send it off to mpix.com. I get the negatives developed and scan them with my photo scanner so I don’t have to pay for prints (unless I want one later after I see them). Search for a camera store near you first though. Thats what i did. Go for it! It’s fun!

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